7 Different Jobs in One Year, Really???

Yes, I worked 7 different jobs in 2015. (A.K.A. my year of Financial Stupidity) Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, I have worked around 50% of jobs in a person’s lifetime in one year. 7djpic

I was 19 and I didn’t really have any big expenses. All I was thinking was making as much money as possible, as soon as possible.  At the time, I thought it was an average thing, to have various jobs. Until I started asking people how many jobs they had that year. And their responses were usually one or two. I had a low tolerance for being at a job for an extended period of time.  I was always hopeful that there would be something better waiting around the corner. But I learned that to be untrue the hard way. Below I go through all the various jobs I had in detail.

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My 2015 Jobs

Job #1 – Deli Clerk (8 Months while working Job #2 for 3 Months)
Wage: $10 per hour
Hours: 24-32 hours a week.
Reason For Leaving: Transition to Mail Room Clerk

Job #2 – Call Center Support Rep – (3 Months while working Job #1)
Wage: $11 per hour
Reason For Leaving: Lazy, Poor Time Management Skills, Poor Planning Via Transportation
Hours – 24-32 hours a week.

Job #3 – Retails Sales Rep (Less than 1 Month while working Job #1)
Wage: $8.25 per hour
Reasons For Leaving: Let go due to scheduling conflicts
Hours – 16 hours a week

Job #4 – Mail Room Clerk #1 (1 Month)
Reason For Leaving: Really Boring Job
Wage: $9.00 per hour
Hours – 40 hours a week

Job #5 – Mail Room Clerk #2 (Less than 1 Day)
Reasons for Leaving: Let go for some unknown reason. I WAS PISSED OFF!
Wage: 12.50 per hour
Hours – 40 hours a week

Job #6 – Call Center Sales Agent (1 Week)
Wage: $8.25 or $10.00 per hour
Reasons for Leaving: Poor Performance, Very Hard Sell
Hours – 40 hours a week

Job #7 – Warehouse Associate (Greater than 1 Month / Current Position)
Wage: $8.25 per hour
Hours – 33 hours a week

How much did I earn in 2015?

My taxed filed earnings were around $11,100. I’m pretty sure 30% went to taxes. But I was able to get 10% back in my tax refund. That was around $1,100. So I netted around $8,900. And I did not save a single dime of it. I actually ended up going negative through multiple debts. Which I will go into in another post.

By the way, it took me a while to fill out all my tax information. Being that I had to keep filling out different forms for my various jobs. For my first time filing, it was surprisingly easy. And I was able to do it all for free. I highly recommend that you give TaxAct a try next tax season.

What to take away from this?

  • There are always jobs available, you just got to look in the right place.
  • Save up at least 2 months worth of living expenses before job hopping.
  • Never leave a job without having another one that is 99.99% guaranteed.
  • Being consistent and tolerant will make your work life a lot easier.

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