Mega Millions – 51 Tickets Case Study

Please be aware that I consider this a experiment and not gambling.

Any time the mega millions lottery gets close to a billion dollars anywhere you go you’ll hear people talking about. I have heard stories about what people will do if they when, how they will quit their jobs, pay off their familie’s debts, buy a brand new car, etc.  Hopping on the lottery to be their only way to finical wealth, which is foolish when you consider the odds. 

Typically anytime I see the mega millions get close to a billion dollars I like to buy more than average amount of tickets and see what happens.… Read More


My First Car Cost Me $40,000 – Upside Down Car Loan

I finally obtained my driver’s license in summer 2018 (22 years old) and I had $1,000 saved up to put a down payment on my first car. So I browsed around on to figure out what car I wanted. The Mazda A3 and A6 (2010-2012) appealed to me and was in my price range.  

I contacted every dealer in my area that had a 2010-2012 model.  All the dealerships ended up rejecting me for financing.  Due to my credit score/history being to low for a $1,000 downpayment.  I would have to put down around $2,500, which I was not comfortable with at the time. 

Off To the Bad Credit Dealership! 

I wanted to get a car so bad I ended going to one of those bad credit car dealers.… Read More


My Credit Cards: September 2018

In the months of July and August 2018 I opened 3 new credit cards. When I applied for these cards my fico score was 590 and I had no collections on my report.

Being that I’m not a college student and my first credit card was closed in 2015, I didn’t have a wide range of options.… Read More