Credit Score Update October 2018 – I Have Good Credit!

MFICO credit score has passed 700! A couple of months early than I predicted, which is great. Now I’m considered to have good credit. This should help me get a better refinancing deal on my $40,000 first car.
In November 2017 I remember my credit score being 570, which is considered bad credit. So in under a year, I went from bad credit to good credit. I will be creating a well-detailed post on how I did this in the near future.  Until then if you have any specif question please leave a comment below.

Benefits of having good credit:

  • Higher Loan Approval Rate
  • Lower Intreste on Loans
  • Easy Aproval for Rentaing an Apartmetnt
  • Avoid or lower security deposits
  • Lower Car Insurcase Rates

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