EveryDollar Review: Dave Ramsey’s Budgeting App

EveryDollar is a free budgeting app that comes from the Ramsey camp (not to be confused with the Dave app). It works under the idea of “zero-based budgeting.”
This is when you divide your monthly paycheck among your bills and expenses, leaving you with $0 unbudgeted. Then if you have any money left over at the end of the month, you roll that over into your savings account.
If you will, every dollar is budgeted.
“If you cover all your expenses during the month and have $500 left over, you aren’t done with the budget yet,” Ramsey says. “You must tell that 500 bucks where to go. If you don’t, you lose the chance to make it work for you in the areas of getting out of debt, saving for an emergency, investing, paying off the house, or growing wealth. Tell every dollar where to go.”

How Does EverDollar Work?

With the EveryDollar app (also available on desktop), it’s easy and free to get signed up. Once you get signed up, here’s how you start your budget.

Add Your Income

The first step is adding your monthly income. Just punch in the number you know (or expect) you’ll make each month. You can divide up the monthly budget between however many paychecks you get.

Set Your Expense Amounts

Next, you’ll go through and set the amount you spend on each individual category. EveryDollar starts you out with the most common budgets, like Mortgage/Rent, Groceries, and Fun Money. But then you can delete any category and add a custom one.

Track Where You’re Spending Your Money

Each time you spend money, you can go into the appropriate category and hit the “+” to add a transaction. Then add the date of the transaction, the amount, the merchant, and what category it should be in. You can even split the amount into multiple categories.

EveryDollar App iPhone

Pros And Cons Of EveryDollar

Now let’s cover some of the pros and cons of this app.


  • Easy to use: instead of using Google Sheets, you can have everything set up for you in an easy-to-use app
  • Available on desktop – it actually provides more features than the app
  • Create as many budget categories as want, whether they’re specific or broad
  • Create funds, like emergency, savings, or college funds
  • You can integrate the app with Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps method


  • You can only do a monthly budget instead of having the option to do weekly or bi-weekly budgets (people have different pay schedules)
  • The free account doesn’t allow you to connect your EveryDollar account with your bank account (the upgraded version does)
  • EveryDollar’s annual fee for upgraded accounts is expensive: $99
  • Only available on iOS mobile devices

How To Get Started With EveryDollar?

To get started with this app, simply search for it in your phone’s app store or visit their website and hit “Sign Up.” They make it super easy to go through the signup process with clear directions on what to do next.
You’ll start out by choosing your money goals, including “Pay off debt,” “Save for a home,” and “Pay for kid’s college.” Then you’ll answer a few questions about you, like whether or not you own a home, own a car, have kids, or are married.
Then you’ll start entering your monthly income and expenses, which are broken into the categories Housing, Transportation, Food, Personal, Giving, and Debt.
To upgrade to EveryDollar Plus, you can get it for 14 days free so you can try it out first. During this time period, you’ll have access to all of the premium features, including connecting your bank account(s) with the app. And if you continue with the Plus account, you’ll pay $99 a year.

The Final Verdict

Although EveryDollar isn’t perfect for every person, it is a great tool for those who want to set attainable financial goals. And the fact that you can reap plenty of its benefits from the free version is great news for people struggling with their money.
And because it’s free, it’s totally worth downloading and giving it a shot.
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