Lyft is Paying You Not to Drive Your Car!

Lyft is running a promotion called #DitchYourCar. In 35 cities, that they operate in, their giving 50 people the chance to get around for free. Where if you win you’ll be given $500 worth of credit for transportation services. It’s great opportunity to cut back on gas use for a month.
What you’ll get?

  • $300 Lyft Credit
  • 1 month of using Zipcar for free and $100 credit
  • 30 Day Pass for your local public transportation system. 

 You have until September 30 to sign up. If you are one of the lucky 50 Lyft will send you an email with more details on the program. I have already signed up for this offer. And plan to use the $300 Lyft credit. I’ll make a post about if I win.
Sign Up Here –
Good luck to all that signs up! 

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