Mega Millions – 51 Tickets Case Study

Please be aware that I consider this a experiment and not gambling.

Any time the mega millions lottery gets close to a billion dollars anywhere you go you’ll hear people talking about. I have heard stories about what people will do if they when, how they will quit their jobs, pay off their familie’s debts, buy a brand new car, etc.  Hopping on the lottery to be their only way to finical wealth, which is foolish when you consider the odds. 
Typically anytime I see the mega millions get close to a billion dollars I like to buy more than average amount of tickets and see what happens. In this situation I was influenced by the “buzz” going on around in my workplace. The odds of winning the jackpot is 1 in 302,575,350. But I do not hope to win the jackpot being that I prefer not to get that lucky when comes to money. I like to save that luck for what I when my life is at stake. Below I”ll go over the results after the numbers are picked. 
(I have written the above content before checking my tickets)


Purchased Tickets: 55 ($110)
Winners: 1
Prize Won: $2
Loss – $108
I only had one winning ticket that is less than the average for what I purchased. I was suppose to get at least two winners based on the statics displayed on the mega millions site. (1 out 24 tickets) I had two tickets that had 2-3 numbers that were one number away from me winning $10,000. Oh well, better luck next time.

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