Refinanced My $40,000 First Car!

In January I was able to refinance My $40,000 First Car with a local credit union. My interest rate went from 22.95% to 7%. Monthly payments went from $490.98 to $306.51. I’ll be on the hook for this until January 2025, with a total payment amount of $22,068.32.

How did I refinance it?

I applied for refinancing a couple months after getting the car with a local credit union that had an account with for years. But I rarely used the account for general banking, kept $25.00 in it to keep it open. The first time I applied my applicated was rejected. I called the credit union for the reason, a rep told me they needed to see at least six months of payments on my credit report.
Once I had six months of payments I reapplied and I was approved. I had to pay the credit union around $300 upfront to cover the difference between my pay off quote and what I was approved for. I maybe able to refinance it again, to as low as 3%, and save a bit more money. But for right now I satisfied at that rate.

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