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This blog is dedicated to helping millennials become financially free, over time, through smart financial management. My name is Isaiah and I started this blog when I was a warehouse worker making $8.75 an hour. I started this blog to help improve my writing skills and help showcase my journey to financial independence. My financial goal is to bank at least ten million dollars in the next 10 years (I have a long way to go). A true zero to hero story in the making.

What to expect?

As of right now, I plan to publish at least one blog post a week, jam-packed with content. By the end of September, I will start publishing financial/net-worth reports. You will have insider access to all my finances.
Further down the line, I want to start a podcast interviewing people who have hit major financial success (and those who are working on it). I’m thinking about calling it Pathways to Financial Success.

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